Activities Eligible for BOI

Activities Eligible for BOI

Are you thinking of applying for BOI promotion? Do you know the activities that qualifies for BOI promotion? Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors are here to help you. We have classified the activities in accordance with the industries that are eligible for BOI promotion. But before that you must know what BOI is.

What is BOI?

The Board of Investment (BOI) is an organization of the government. This agency provides investment incentives to local and foreign investors. The Thai Government offers incentives to the businesses operating in the certain industries. This is an effort to decentralize Thailand’s industries. Along with this, they aim at encouraging both foreign and local investments.

The incentive given by the government can be tax and non-tax related. Mostly, the incentives depends on the type of business activities.
Here is the classification of the industries and activities that are eligible for BOI promotion.

Agriculture Industry

The agricultural industry and products are eligible for BOI promotion in Thailand. Agricultural activities that qualify for the BOI promotion includes:

  • Animal and plant breeding
  • Deep sea fishery
  • Economic forest plantation
  • Slaughtering
  • Animal propagation
  • Production of biological fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, bio-pesticides
  • Production of modified starch
  • Manufacturing active ingredients from natural raw materials
  • Creating fuel from agricultural products
  • Leather finishing
  • Cold storage and cold storage transportation
  • Trading centers for agricultural products
  • Preservation of food, beverages, food additives
  • Producing medical food and food supplements

Mining, Basic Metals, and Ceramics

Another industry that is qualified for the BOI promotion is the mining, ceramic and basic metal. As far as activities are concerned, they contain:

  • Creation of glass or ceramic products
  • Developing gypsum products
  • Production of ferro-alloy
  • Potash mining
  • Creating of heat insulation and fire-resistant materials
  • Coil centre
  • Manufacturing steel pipes and stainless steel pipes
  • Creation of cast iron and steel parts
  • Rolling, casting, forging and drawing of non-ferrous metals
  • Producing metal powder
  • Production of intermediate steel

Services and Public Utilities

In the services and public utilities industry, the activities that are qualified for BOI promotion includes:

  • Industrial zones and industrial estates
  • Businesses the encourage tourism
  • Logistics businesses

Electronic Industry

The activities that are suitable for BOI promotion in electronic industry are:

  • Production of electric products and appliances
  • Developing electronics
  • Software
  • Electronics design
  • E-commerce
  • Creation of materials for microelectronics

Light Industry

The activities that are appropriate for BOI promotion in this industry consist of:

  • Developing of textile products
  • Production of shoes and bags
  • Creation of sports equipment and parts
  • Creative product design and development center
  • Manufacturing medical devices and parts
  • Creating lenses
  • Manufacturing of gems and jewelry
  • Creating toys
  • Producing musical instruments

Chemical, Paper, and Plastics

Anther industry that can apply for BOI promotion is a chemical industry. The activities that are eligible for BOI promotion are:

  • Creation of industrial chemicals
  • Production of petrochemicals
  • Creation of printed matter
  • Manufacturing plastic products
  • Producing paper articles
  • Creating special polymers and chemicals.

Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment

In Thailand the metal industry and transportation equipment industry can apply for BOI promotion. The activities of this industry includes:

  • Heat treatment
  • Creation of motorcycles
  • Production of general automobile and vehicle parts
  • Development of metal products

We at Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors can help you apply for the BOI promotion. Our experts will help you fill the form and gather all the documents required. We try to make the process easy and simple for you. For more information on BOI promtion, you can call us on 02-642-0214.

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