Koh Samui 4 Retail Beachwear Shops available for sale

: 4 Retail Beachwear Shops in Koh Samui :

12,000,000 THB

Listing ID# BKK15928


Province Koh Samui
Country Thailand
Business Type 4 Retail Beachwear Shops
Business Started 2008
Employees 7 Person


Annual revenue: 11,000,000 Baht
Payroll: N/A
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
included in the Investment Price:
2,000,000 Baht
Your Total Investment to own this business: 12,000,000 Baht
Your Initial Cash Investment Needed: 270,000 Baht
Inventory included in the Investment Price: 3,500,000 Baht


With over 128 designs and over 30,000 swimming costumes already sold this retail outfit, spread over 4 stores, lovingly handmakes their own “Fairtrade” produced bikinis locally, in uniquely designed styles at a high-quality level.

They also own produce shoe soles for combinations with their swimwear. Their program is supplemented with complimentary merchandise like bags, caps, flipflops from “Robin Ruth”, and other original brands in their shops, for Asians and foreigners, sizes are S until XL, a big range of European sizes, 34-48.

With 7 full time employees which work most long time in the shop and they are well trained and can work alone, independently in each shop.

With an opportunity to obtain a work permit this is an attractive business for locals or foreigners.

Furthermore, the bikinis are also saltwater-tested and heat-resistant which is why they employ well-trained employees and support the local development of trade and culture through fair pay.

Rent on site 1 & 2 is 85,000 THB per month

Rent on site 3 is 60,000 THB per month

Rent on site 4 is 10,000 THB per month

Security deposit will be required. Information on request.

This is a Private & Confidential Sale so signed Sunbelt Asia Non-disclosure forms will be required

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