Food License in Thailand

The application process for food license in Thailand consists of the following steps:

  • In order to initiate the process, provide the required documents to the district officer.
  • Once the application has been submitted, we at Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors will contact the officer to make an appointment for him/her to check the restaurant. Based on this, some additional documents might be required. It should also be noted that the employees should be present to explain certain food making processes. This is to ensure that the employees are well-trained.
  • According to the Thai regulations, each Thai employee has to go through a test at the district office. The test includes 50 multiple choice questions out of which 40 needs to be answered correctly. It includes questions about hygiene etc. Each employee would be provided with a book by the officer which they can study and prepare for the test.
  • When it is confirmed that everything is in order (supplied documents, the restaurant, and the employee’s tests), the officer will issue the food license to the restaurant. This process may take up to one month. At this stage, the government fee will have to be paid to the authorities.

Required Documents

The following documents will have to be supplied to the authorities:

  • The company’s affidavit, not older than six months.
  • House registration of the building.
  • Original consent letter or a copy of the lease agreement. It should be affixed with a duty stamp.
  • The copy of the ID card and house registration of the director of the company.
  • The copy of the ID card and house registration of the owner of the business.
  • Power of Attorney
  • Signed and completed application form (SorAor1)
  • Map of location of the business (restaurant)
  • Printed photos of the front and inside of the restaurant
  • The layout of the restaurant (interior plan). This includes sitting plan, place of the kitchen and another interior.
  • Measurement of the whole restaurant in square meters. This includes tables, kitchen, counter etc.
  • Documents providing the ownership (on a case by case basis), such as the sale and purchase agreement, title deed or construction permit.

Calculation of Fee

The government fee is calculated based on the square meters of the restaurant. The list of it is given below:

  • Up to 10 square meters: 100 THB
  • More than 10 square meters: 5 THB per additional square meter
  • Between 200 and 300 square meters: 2,000 THB
  • More than 300 square meters: 5 THB per additional square meter
  • The government fee is limited to 3,000 THB.

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Acquiring a food license in Thailand is a complex process. Not having the right knowledge or expertise will make your efforts go in vain. If you are looking to acquire a food license in Thailand, you need to get in touch with professional attorneys in Thailand or a law firm in Thailand. We, Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors, are a team of legal and accounting experts in Thailand. Our team of professional solicitors has the experience and skill in their arsenal to help you acquire the food license in Thailand easily. We will help you go through each step smoothly and make sure that there is no uncompleted requirement left.

Our team will work in close collaboration with you and make sure that you get your food license in Thailand on time. If you want to know more about Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors, have some queries, or want to book a free consultation, contact us now at (+66) 02-662-7004. We would love to answer all your queries.

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