Thailand Publishing License

If you are looking to start a magazine publishing business in Thailand, acquisition of the publishing license is mandatory. As per the Publishing Act B.E. 2550 of Thailand, a magazine is termed as the newspaper.

If an individual wants to obtain a publishing license for the purpose publishing their magazine in Thailand, they need to have the following qualities for their business to be deemed legal.

  • The editor and the owner of the magazine or the newspaper should not be less than 20 years of age.
  • They should be a Thai national and have a regular residence in Thailand.
  • The editor or the own, in order to apply for the publishing license, shouldn’t be incompetent or quasi-incompetent.
  • The owner or the editor shouldn’t be imprisoned, in present or past, by the judgment of a court that is final. In cases of petty offenses or an act of negligence.

In case, where the owner of newspaper or magazine business is a company, the following rules apply to them for the purpose of obtaining the publishing license.

  • A total of 70% or more shares should be held by the Thai individual(s).
  • For shareholding companies, 70% or more shares should be owned by a Thai company.
  • At least 3/4th of the directors of that particular company should be Thai nationals.

Publishing License Acquisition Process

In order to obtain the publishing license for any individual or a company, they need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Before initializing the process the head/owner of the magazine is verified. Furthermore, the name of the magazine is also checked as a name already registered cannot be used again.
  • The following documents are required for the purpose of applying for publishing license:
    • Period of issuance
    • Language
    • A sample of magazine
    • Documents of the company
    • Medical checkup of the editor
    • Criminal record of the editor
  • The prescribed government fee charged at this stage is 5,000 TBH.
  • If the documents are verified, it is the time to proceed towards the last step that is to apply for ISSN – International Standard Serial Number. There is no government fee applicable to apply for the ISSN.

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