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Millions of visitors from across the globe visit this wonder place, Thailand, every year. Due to this reason travel and tour guide business has become one of the most common business options for Thai residents. If you are looking to start this business, you need to obtain the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) license from the Tourists Business and Guide Registration Office. The said business is regulated by the Tourists Business and Guide Act of Thailand.

A person can only obtain the TAT license for setting up travel and tour guide business under the conditions mentioned below.

  • They should be Thai National.
  • Minimum age requirement to apply for TAT license is 20 years.
  • Must have a domicile of Kingdom of Thailand.
  • They shouldn’t be bankrupt.
  • They shouldn’t be declared lunatic or incompetent individual.
  • They shouldn’t have their licensed suspended or revoked 5 years before applying for the TAT license.

In case a company is applying for a TAT license, the following conditions apply for them.

  • It should be registered under Thai law.
  • All the unlimited liability of that particular company applying for TAT license should be of Thai nationality.
  • The purpose of the business should be to support tourists in Thailand.

For a limited company:

  • At least 51% of the capital of the company is mandatory to be owned by natural persons having Thai nationality.
  • At least half of the directors of that company should be having Thai nationality.

For a foreigner who wants to obtain TAT license:

  • They need to incorporate a juristic person to apply on their behalf for TAT license.

Required Documents for Obtaining TAT License

The following documents are required for the purpose of acquisition of TAT license in Thailand.

  • Application form signed by the Thai director of the company applying for TAT. It should also be stamped with the seal of the company.
  • Important documents of the company i.e. Certificate of registration and objective of the company under the civil and commercial code, Memorandum of association etc. The memorandum must be certified by the Minister of Commerce.
  • A list containing the names of the shareholders of the company. It should be certified by the Minister of Commerce.
  • Seal of the Company
  • One photocopy of the ID card of the director of the company, duly certified by him, along with his address.
  • The report of establishment meeting of the company in case it has no company’s regulation. It should also be certified by the Minister of Commerce.
  • The map of the office owned by the company.
  • Two photographs showing the front of the office. The address and the nameplate of the company should be visible in the photographs.
  • Documents evidencing the ownership or possession of the office by the company.
  • Company’s power of attorney.
  • Security in form of guarantee, cashier’s check or cash.

Fees for Obtaining TAT License

  • For domestic TAT license, the government fee is 300 TBH and security is 50,000 TBH.
  • For Inbound TAT license, the government fee is 500 TBH and security is 100,000 TBH.
  • For Outbound TAT license, the government fee is 500 TBH and security is 200,000 TBH.

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