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Are you in need of a construction license? Looking for a company to obtain construction license? No need to look further, Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors is the right choice. We have been working in the legal field for 15 years. We make the procedure easy and simple for you.

Take a look at the services we offer you when acquiring a construction license.

Are you wondering when do you require a construction permit? Following is the list of situations when you will need a construction license:

  • If you are planning to construct a new building.
  • When redesigning the current building by:
    • Changing the structure of the material, size or concrete.
    • A change that will result in 10% increase in weight
    • Change that will be a part of floor or roof, increasing or decreasing the surface more than 5 square meters.
    • Including posts or beams
  • If you will be destructing or moving a building
  • Changing the usage of the building

Fees Related to Construction License

Here is the list of government fee for obtaining a license.

Construction License

In order to get a construction license, you must pay 20,000 THB.

Modification License

To get the modification license you should pay 10,000 THB.

Relocation License

In case you are thinking of relocating a building, you must pay 10,000 THB to get the license.

Change of Usage License

If you want to change the usage of a building then the fees to obtain a license is 20,000 THB.


The fee for certification is 10,000 THB.


If you don’t have an appropriate license and you are building or destroying or amending. You will be punished either with imprisonment for 3 months or you have to pay a fine of 60,000 THB. Depending on the judge, can be sentenced to both the punishment. Furthermore, you can even be charged with 10,000 THB daily until you have acquired an appropriate license.

After Completion of Building

Once the building is completed as it was permitted. You might need the approval of a government official to open the building. Inform the government officer about the completion of the building so they can investigate it. Next, if the government officer states it is safe and build correctly. They will grant the permit to use the building.

Services we Offer

The procedure to obtain a construction license is long and complex. Even if a small mistake is made, the application of the license will be rejected. So you have to be very careful when filling the form. You can take the help of a law firm in Thailand to acquire the construction license. All of our legal team is skilled and experienced. We will fill the form so there is no chance of mistake. Our experts will help you gather all the required documents. We at Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors have our communication lines open for assistance all the time. The process can take up to 45 days, sometimes it can take longer. The maximum number of days that it can take is 135 days. 

Therefore, we try to provide you time to relax and have a peace of mind. While you relax, our professionals will be doing the hard work. We are ready to discuss construction license and answer any queries you have. Call us at (+66) 02-662-7004.

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