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Are you planning on operating a factory in Thailand? Looking for a law firm in Thailand that will help you get the factory license? We at Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors are always ready to help you. Our legal team is trained, skilled and experienced. We have been working in the legal industry for 15 years. Applying for factory license is not something new for our team. We on daily basis, apply for factory license, so our experts can quickly fill the form.

Do you know which building is considered as factory? A building or place that uses a machine from 5 horsepower or has more than 7 workers. The facility must be used for manufacturing, testing, producing, assembling, storing and packing. Moreover, they must be included in the types of factory and is not owned by government agencies. Therefore, not all the factories need a license as some just need to inform the official before starting the operation.

Let’s take a look at the services we offer regarding factory license.

Ministry of Industry

The Factory Act was introduced to monitor the factory construction, factory expansion, business operations and safety measures. However, the Ministry of Industry can decide the following things:

  • The factory size
  • Reject the establishment of certain factories that are too many in Thailand. They manage the quantity of every type of factory.
  • The quality, type, and ratio of raw materials that will be used in the factory.
  • The quality of the good that will be produced in the factory.
  • The kind of energy that will be used in the factory.

Types of Factory

According to the Factory Act, there are 3 kinds of factories. They are:

Category 1

The first type of factory can manufacture or operate any time. They don’t require any permission before operating. Still, they have to follow the rules and regulations under the ministerial regulations. The factory which has one of the following is considered as category 1 factory:

  • 5 to 20 horsepower or
  • 7 to 20 workers.

Category 2

The second type of the factory does not require any permission but the manufacturer must inform the office first. They must also comply with ministerial regulations. Under the category 2, factories must of one of the following lists:

  • 20 to 50 workers
  • 20 to 50 horsepower.

Category 3

The last type of the factory needs to get an approval from the officer prior to manufacturing. A factory that produces pollution is category 3 factory. It must have:

  • 50 horsepower or 5 workers.

This type of factory must apply for a license before starting its operations in Thailand.


For obtaining a factory license an applicant must follow the general requirements, they are:

  • Application form
  • Company affidavit
  • The plan related to the buildings that must be built within the area of the factory.
  • The plan listing the factory equipment that must be certified by an expert engineer. If the machinery is not certified, the Ministry of Industry will designate a person to do so.
  • You must provide the complete plan regarding the safety measures. The plan must be written and should explain the measures relating to nuisances, dangers, pollution or waste control.

Annual Fee

The Category 2 and Category 3 factories are required to pay the annual fee. The annual fee must be paid from the first day of the operation of the factory and every year following.


The Category 1 and 2 factories are prohibited from near public places. They must be 50 meters away from schools, temples, hospitals and government offices. On the other hand, Category 3 factories must be at least 100 meters away from the public spaces. They should be situated within an appropriate area with sufficient room for its operation. The reason is that it must not cause a nuisance to people or the property nearby.

Timeframe for the Factory License

After the form is submitted, a government agent will investigate the site. Along with the site, the structure, component and pollution control measures will be checked.

Afterward, the government agent must prepare the report to submit to the office. The time duration for submitting the report is 30 days after receiving the factory license.  The official will then either reject or grant the license application within 50 days. During this 50 day time period, the applicant can change the application or factory plan.

Renewal of the License

The factory license in Thailand is valid for 5 years. You must request for renewal before your first factory license is expired. The renewal fee for the license is 100,000 THB. If the renewal is requested within 60 days of the expiration date, the application will be processed normally. A fine of 20,000 THB will be imposed on the applicant.

What we can do for you

We can help and guide you through the procedure for getting a license. The process of getting a license is not easy as it seems. This is why you need the services of a good firm like us. The application form must be submitted along with complete documents. Our experts will help you in form filling and collect the required documents. On your behalf, our professional staff will submit the form to the relevant agency.

Our experts have years of experience in preparing the plans required for the license. We can help you in the preparation of the required documents. We maintain a checklist in order to avoid missing any documents. One of the main reasons for rejection of the license application is a wrongly filled application or missing documents. We supervise you’re the whole process diligently, so there is no chance of error. When you apply through us, the chances of rejection is minimized.

Therefore, the whole process of factory license is time-consuming, lengthy and stressful. We try to make the process easy and simple for you. We at Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors maintain open lines of communication. You call for assistance or consultation anytime of the day. For our new clients, they are offered free first consultation. For more details, call us at now at (+66) 02-662-7004.

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