Change/Remove Company Director

There can be a variety of reasons that can give rise to the need of removing an existing director of the company or bringing a new one in their place. Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors is providing its valued clients the most efficient services that our English speaking lawyers and advisors can assist you in the hassle-free process of changing or removing of the director of your company.

For the process of removing or changing a director, the company must organize a meeting of shareholders or board of directors.   If in the bylaws, it is stipulated by shareholders, this is done by an invitation letter to the shareholders meeting and we advertise in the local newspaper as per Thai law. Only the majority of shareholder’s votes are authorized to appoint a new director for the company. If mentioned otherwise in the Articles of Association, only the shareholders can take this decision in place of the board of directors.

The change of the old and new directors should be registered to the Thai government within the 14 days of the vote by shareholders of the company. You need to provide our English-speaking lawyers with the following information and documents for carrying forward your process in the most efficient way.

  • Name of the old director
  • Complete information about the new director i.e. their name, address, a copy of their passport, and any other changes in the powers authorized by the director.

The causes which can lead to such a situation in a company can be:

  • The old director has completed their term as per the Annual General Meeting. It so happens that the one-third of the directors of the company needs to resign at the annual general meeting of the company. If there is a disparity among the directors and they can’t reach a final verdict, a decision is taken through the lots drawn by directors to resign in the first two years and the longest period is three years. At the annual meeting the replacement director is voted on.
  • The old director has resigned from the company. It can be either a personal (illness) or a professional (better opportunity), bankruptcy or unable to fulfilled their duties can some of the reasons for them to resign.
  • The shareholders have used their authority to remove a director from their designation.

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