Service Fees

Service Fees

Service Fees

Providing TEN YEARS of service to the Expat community

Limited Company

Item Fee (Baht)
Thai Limited Company 4,500
Corporate Tax ID Free
Vat Registration 4,500
Social Fund Registration
(for 4 employees in 1 time)                        
Additional employee (per/person) 600
Shareholders Certificate & Registration Book 3,500
Preferred Shares Structure 4,500
Share Transfer Agreement 1,500
Joint Venture Introduction 16,500
JV Shareholders agreement 4,500
Company Seal 1,500

Other Methods to form the Company

Item Fee (Baht)
Amity Treaty 27,500
BOI Application 79,000
Sole Proprietorship 4,500
Partnership Registration 4,500
Representative Office 79,000
Regional Operating Headquarters 79,000
Association Registration 79,000
Foundation Registration 79,000
Alien Business License 69,000
Branch Office (Thai) 4,500

Company Secretary

Item Fee (Baht)
Minutes of Meeting (regular) 1,500
Minutes of Meeting (custom) 2,500 - 5,500
Change / Add Director 4,500
Change Shareholders 4,500
Change Company Name 4,500
Change Company Address 4,500
Change Address Tax ID 3,500
Change Address VAT 5,000
Change Address Work Permit 6,500
Increase / Decrease Capital 4,500
Update Company Documents 2,000
Translation of Company Documents 4,500
Trademark Registration 10,500
Trademark Search 7,500
Copyright Registration 16,500
Translation of documents 500 per page


Item Fee (Baht)
Food License 7,500
Alcohol License 5,500
Cigarette License 5,500
Entertainment License 29,500
FDA registration License 69,000
- FDA adding product 4,000 per item
Warehouse Inspection Approval
(One-time fee for all items imported)
Product Inspection for FDA 4,000 per item
FDA Import Licence 4,000 per item
Factory License 39,000
E-Commerce License 10,500
Import/Export Card 5,500
Quota for Burmese 10,000

Work Permit

Item Fee (Baht)
Work Permit Application 12,500
Work Permit Renewal 10,500
Work Permit Cancellation 5,000
Work Permit Notification of New Alien Employee 1,600
BOI Initiate Position Occupancy 21,500
BOI work permit 12,500
BOI Work permit renewal 12,500
WP3 (Preapproval of work permit) 6,500
Add branch/Add Company in work permit 8,000

Visa/Extension of Stay Permit

Item Fee (Baht)
Prepare Documents for non B 3,000
Sunbelt 90 day Non Immigrant Sponsorship 8,500
Retirement Visa (Extension of stay permit) 9,500
Business Visa (Extension of stay permit) 13,500
BOI Visa (Extension of Stay Permit) 13,500
Marriage Visa (Extension of Stay Permit) 13,500
Other Types of Extension of Stay Permit 13,500
Dependent visa 13,500
Renewal of Extension of Stay Permit 10,500
Re-entry Permit 1,500
90 day report 1,500
Conversion of visa 7,500


Item Fee (Baht)
Monthly Withholding Tax 2,500
Monthly Vat 3,000
Monthly Social Fund 1,500
Half Year Report 4,500
Annual Audit (starting from) 14,500
Personal Income Tax Return 1,500
Profit/Loss Balance Sheet Price Starts from 5,500
Payroll 3,500
Personal Tax ID Registration 3,000
Increase/Decrease Capital 3,500
Due diligence 5,500 baht per one mil
of the asking price (minimum 15,000)


Item Fee (Baht)
Asset Purchase Agreement 10,500
Share Purchase Agreement 21,500
Confidentiality Agreement 10,500
Employment Contract 10,500
Land/ House Purchase 10,500
Review of Agreements 10,500
Loan Agreement 10,500


Item Fee (Baht)
Title Deed search 10,500
Review of Purchase Agreement 10,500
Draft Purchase Agreement 21,500
Review of Lease 9,000
Draft of Lease 10,500
Registration at Land Department 10,500
Usufruct 16,500


Item Fee (Baht)
Marriage Registration (Thai/Foreigner) 16,500
Marriage Registration (Foreigner/Foreigner) 18,500
Pre-nuptial Agreement 16,000
Divorce Agreement 16,000
Divorce Registration 16,000
Will Preparation 16,000
Will Registration 2,800

Virtual Office

Your Sunbelt Asia virtual office will provide your new company with an official commercial address, answering services, mail drop, meeting rooms (based on availability), and computer use for 5 hours in one month all for a low monthly fee.
Description Fee (Baht)
Monthly fee for companies / per month 2,500
Monthly fee for sole proprietor and individuals / per month
*(min. 3 months) [not incl. VAT]

Office Rental

An Office Rental provides innovative solutions for small and large businesses, frequent travellers, branch offices, start up companies, and entrepreneurs. For anyone looking for a flexible lease – The Office Reantal provide the answer.
Description Fee (Baht)
Registration fee 3,5000
Monthly fee for an office space
(min. 3 months) [not incl. VAT]
Starts from 11,000 Baht per month
rate of 10,000 Baht per month for certain unit.* 

Executive Desk

An Executive Desk provides innovative solutions for small and large businesses, frequent travellers, branch offices, start up companies, and entrepreneurs. For anyone looking for a flexible lease – The Executive Desk provide the answer.
Description Fee (Baht)
Registration fee for Executive Desk 2,500
Monthly fee for Executive Desk (min. 3 months) [not incl. VAT] 5,500

All prices are exclusive of 7%VAT on this website AND are subject to change without prior notice…


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