Marriage Registration in Thailand

When it comes to options and variety, getting married in Thailand is quite similar to wedding procedures in other countries. The to-be bride and groom can choose their wedding to be with or without betrothal ceremony and at a court also or at a destination of their own choice.

Eligibility Criteria

Couples who want to get married in Thailand have to check if they are eligible to do so. Each nationality has its own special requirements, however, there are some nationalities having common requirements (provided it’s the opposite sex marriage):

  • Both the woman and man have to be of the age of at least 17 years or meet the age criteria of their country, whichever is lower
  • Both the woman and man are of sound mind and competent enough to make an independent decision
  • Both the man and woman are not blood-related
  • Both of them have not the same adoptive parents
  • Both of them do not have a spouse at the time of marriage

Those people who qualify must also provide a copy of their passport altogether with the arrival card, testimony confirming the marital status duly verified by the embassy along with its translated version in Thai. It should be certified by an approved Foreign Ministry Translator.

The marriage registration in Thailand can be filed in any District or Minor District Office nationwide. If the couple, for any reason, is unable to do so, they can submit their request to the Registrar. Registered marriage can be subsequently carried out at any location under the supervision of that district office and the couple will obtain Marriage Registration Certificate as their evidence.

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