Making a Will in Thailand

Making a Will in Thailand

A Last Will is the document outlining the final wishes of a person regarding their possessions after their demise. If a foreign national expectedly or unexpectedly dies in Thailand, their Last Will, if crafted only in their home country, may lead to serious complications for their family members. These include translating, notarizing, and approving all the related documents to name a few. To avoid such complications, it is a good practice to have the Last Will prepared in both the countries i.e. the home country of the foreigner and the Thailand.

According to the Civil and Commercial Code in the Thailand Laws, expatriates residing in Thailand can protect their assets and properties by making a Last Will. The Last Will can include a number of jurisdiction clause which can limit the effect of the Will specifically to assets located in Thailand. If you make a Thai Will, you must ensure that your Foreign Will do not include the properties and assets located in Thailand. Along with this, you must also ensure that any subsequent Last Will you make in another country does not replace the testamentary dispositions under your Thai Will.

As a general rule, a Last Will in Thailand can be made of one of the following types:

  • Regular Last Will & Testament
  • Manuscript Last Will & Testament
  • Registered Last Will & Testament
  • Secret Last Will & Testament
  • Verbal Last Will & Testament


It is suggested to keep a list of assets and liabilities in Thailand with a copy of your will. This list should include details of your house, its contents, vehicle(s), jewelry, cash at bank, quoted stocks, shares, and other assets/liabilities in Thailand.

When making a Last Will in Thailand, it is important to observe all the legal requirements. There are some significant rules which can invalidate the Will even when it seems that all the requirements are met.

Requirements for a Witness

Your witness can be an individual person who:

  • Has reached their legal age
  • Is not deaf, blind or mute
  • Is mentally a sound person

These are the requirements for a witness. Any person not meeting these requirements is not deemed perfect to being called a witness.

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