Tourism Minister looking to promote medical marijuana tourism

The new Minister of Tourism and Sports is looking to promote Thailand as a global destination for medical tourists seeking medical marijuana as part of Thai traditional medicine. He wants to see the organization of medical tour packages, such as detox, Thai massage and other wellness courses that use marijuana substances mainly targeting tourists from the US and Europe who view medical marijuana favorably. The Public Health Minister said that medical marijuana products should be available by prescription at public hospitals by early August. In the first phase from July to September, there should be at least one hospital per province that provides medical marijuana, and more community hospitals should be receiving permission and offer prescriptions by April 2020.

New reporting rules have been instituted for those involved with digital asset transactions worth more than 5 million baht. They will now have to report their trades to the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) as will ocal digital asset exchanges with digital asset trades with a value exceeding 5 million baht to commercial banks, then the banks must report the transactions to AMLO.

The Airports Department is proposing the construction of a third international airport for the Bangkok metro area in Nakhon Pathom to ease congestion at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airports which are now currently operating well over capacity. If approved, construction could begin in 2023 and the airport will be operational 2-3 years later. The government also plans on asking the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to approve the upgrade of five more airports to international airports. The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) wants international airport status for Krabi, Surat Thani, Udon Thani, Hua Hin and Samui.

Work Permit

Any foreigner working in Thailand must obtain a Work Permit before beginning work. While a prospective employer may file an application on the foreigner’s behalf in advance of his starting work, the actual Work Permit will not be issued until the foreigner has entered Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws and has presented himself to receive his Work Permit.

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