One Year Business Visa

One Year Business Visa

Sunbelt Asia can assist you in obtaining a longer-term visa. What we can offer is a Non-Immigrant Business visa sponsor package. This consists of the paperwork required to obtain a one year Non-Immigrant Business visa. The benefits of this visa type are:

  • Unlimited entries to Thailand
  • A full 90 days on each entry
  • May apply for a Thailand Work Permit with a Thai company
  • Ability to explore business opportunities and/or investments
  • Can open a Thai Bank account

The process for application will be as follows:

  1. You will provide the passport details of the applicant
  2. You will transfer the fee to us via Bank Transfer.
  3. We prepare the sponsorship documents and courier them.
  4. You will apply for the visa, with our sponsor documents, at the Thai consulate.
  5. They will issue you the one year multiple entry non-immigrant B visa.
  6. You are now welcome to enter Thailand.

Once the visa is obtained, if you intend to stay in Thailand for the full year you must go to the border every 90 days to get a stamp in your passport (every 90 days of continuous stay in country). You are not required to go to a consulate or embassy outside Thailand, but you must go to the border to get a stamp. Through our sponsor package you can obtain a multiple entry visa, meaning that you can go in and out of Thailand as much as you require for the duration of the visa. Just before the visa expiry date of the visa you can leave the country and re-enter receiving an additional 90 days stay. Therefore the total duration of this visa is actually 15 months. Please be aware that you cannot legally work in Thailand on this visa alone. However, if you have an offer of employment from a Thai company then you can process a work permit on this visa, which will enable you to work legally in the Kingdom. It will take us 1 working day to prepare all the required documents for the visa application.

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