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Sunbelt Asia Weekly Column 11 August 2017

Sunbelt Asia Weekly Column

11 August 2017

Not legally married, what inheritance rights?

Question 1:
I was wondering what happens in Thailand if farang "married" to Thai girl outlives her. In my case, we have done the "bush wedding" only and I have a legal will when I finally depart but what happens if she goes first? We have cars, house, bikes, etc all in her name but it is clear to all they are ours as I paid for all of them and the family knows it. If she dies tomorrow, I'm concerned certain family members might get greedy which could leave me in a very messy situation, i.e. no house, car, etc.

This only came up as a result of a recent bike accident which got me thinking, so any pointers from you would be greatly appreciated - even if it was, "Get a lawyer!"

Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors responds:
Since you are not legally married to the Thai woman and if she has no will, that means in case something happens to her then the house, car, bike, everything in her name will automatically go to her children or in case she does not have any to her parents or next of kin. It is best to have a legally registered marriage, which requires an affidavit of freedom to marry from your embassy before starting the process. Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors will be happy to help you and guide you through the process or your wife can do a usufruct on the house which gives you the right to live there if she passes or she can do a will which states what you would get and if it's the land you will have one year to liquidate it.

Dangerous trees near house

Question 2:
There are a couple of very tall and very old trees in a field beside our house that present a hazard as they are in danger of falling on to the house in the strong winds we have during a storm. Workers were in the field today reaping the crop and my wife explained the problem and asked for the phone number of the owner so she could talk about removing the trees, which actually would give the owner more land for growing her crops. They totally ignored her. We made similar efforts last year and got nowhere. Would we run into any legal problems if we got the local authority to remove them, as a danger to property?

Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors :
We do understand your concerns regarding the large trees. You can hire workers to cut down the trees however you would need the consent of the land owner. Without it would be considered trespassing. The local authorities do not have the right to cut down trees unless it is on public property which in this case it is not. Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors would suggest that instead of talking to farm workers you try to find the owner of the land. A first step would be the local village headman who should be able to guide you to the right person to ask permission to remove the trees.

Thailand is considered the best place to start a business in the world according to a recent US News & World Report, in part due to the relatively low initial costs and streamlined procedures that make it attractive to entrepreneurs. Starting a business in Thailand takes an average of 26 days and costs 6.6 percent of the average income per capita according to the World Bank. Thailand also ranked second most affordable country for decisions makers and came in 26th overall as best country based on a variety of metrics including standard of living, ease of doing business, adventure, education, heritage, entrepreneurship and others. Thailand came in 7th as best country to invest for foreign direct investment. The rankings, which were developed by US News & World Report in cooperation with global marketing communications company Y&R's brand strategy firm, BAV Consulting, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, asked more than 21,000 survey participants from four regions to associate 80 countries with specific attributes.

The U.K. based Post Office Travel Money report cited Bangkok as the best value long-haul city destination in the world. Researchers looked at the price of 11 travel essentials including food and drink, sightseeing, airport transfers and three nights' accommodation. The report cited the cost of accommodation which gave Bangkok the edge over other cities as well as the many things to see and do in the city. Tokyo came in second, in large part due to the low cost of eating out and many free museums and attractions.

Five international airlines are expanding air access to Thailand with new flights from Beijing, Doha, Istanbul, Maldives, India's Jaipur and Tiruchirappalli, and Singapore already added or coming soon. On March 27 Thai Airways launched its Phuket Express service with four direct Beijing - Phuket flights a week, since June 1 Qatar Airways has increased the frequency of; Doha to Bangkok flights to five times per day. The airline also flies twice daily to Phuket for flights a week to Krabi. Turkish Airlines launched four flights a week Istanbul - Phuket flights on July 17 and in the high season they will be increased to daily flights. Jetstar Asia will add four weekly flights from Singapore to Hat Yai return from 3 November, 2017.

In a Bangkok Post interview last week Facebook Thailand head John Wagner noted that Thais shop online differently, with nearly twice the global average sending Facebook messages to businesses each month. Thais also spend more time on mobile videos, 60 percent higher than the average. Mr. Wagner said Thai companies have good success with mobile videos to promote new goods and services. More than 70 percent of shopping involves mobile phones in the country, higher than many other countries. Thailand has 48 million Facebook users, one of the top ten in the world in terms of accounts while Bangkok has more users than any other city in the world.

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Brand new Silom restaurant near BTS

Located near the BTS station on Silom road, this chic and modern bar and restaurant is perfect for someone looking for a brand new restaurant on which they can make their own imprint.

The owners fitted this great location out just last year but have since closed the business and moved it to another location. They are looking to sell this fully fitted out restaurant including the lease. The restaurant has 239 sqm of space including a charming outdoor space that proved very popular.

Rent on the space is 75,000 baht a month and the lease is for 3 years. The owners invested 6.5 million baht in fitting up this chic bar and restaurant but because of the other business are selling at an assets sale price.

ASKING PRICE: 5.5 million baht (BKK15791)

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Beautiful day spa in great Thonglor area

This stunning modern day spa has been in business since 2013 and is near the popular Thonglor area. The spa has four VIP rooms with a shower in each room, and four Thai massage beds and three foot massage chairs. Well reviewed on Trip Advisor and featured in a popular online magazine, this full featured spa also offers Swedish massages and aromatherapy treatments as well as body scrubs and facial treatments.

Rent on this gorgeous space is 100,000 baht on a 3 +2 year lease. There are eight staff with a total monthly payroll of 80,000 baht. Sales last year reached 2.8 million baht and broke even, with an active busy owner this business can easily grow.

The owner is selling as he is starting a new business.

ASKING PRICE: 2.5 million baht (BKK15727)

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Alcohol import & distribution with large customer base

This alcohol import and distribution company was established in 1999 and has a large customer base with many top hotels and restaurants in Bangkok as well as agents in Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Koh Chang, which are included in the sale.

The company owns the building the business is set in, 670 sqm over four floors and includes a fully equipped gym, and a cigar lounge. There is a separate fully insulated area for wine storage as well. This Bangkok based business can easily be expanded both with on site business but added wholesale customers.

There are six full time employees with wages of 80,000 baht. Annual sales have been around 20 - 24 million baht with a net profit of 2 - 6 million baht a year. The

Inventory valued at 20 million baht is included in the sale as is all furnishings, fixtures and equipment along with two buildings and four vehicles valued at 30 million baht.

The owner is moving overseas and so is selling this for a very reasonable price

ASKING PRICE: 60 million baht (BKK15728)

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Sunrise Tacos franchise in upcoming Terminal 21 Pattaya

Interested in joining the successful Sunrise Tacos franchise? Then this is just the place for one lucky restaurateur - a great location in the beautiful Terminal 21 mall in Pattaya scheduled to open next year. Centrally located right in the middle of the third floor food court, this is a prime location in this new mall available only to Sunrise Tacos.

The opening of Terminal 21 Pattaya is highly anticipated and there is a huge waiting line for space in the food court. Terminal 21 has been a huge success with its unique concept in Bangkok and Khon Kaen and the buzz about the new mall in Pattaya is predicting another huge success for this uniquely branded mall. The owner of Sunrise Tacos is very excited about this new location, he loves the Terminal 21 and the Sunrise Tacos in Terminal 21 has proven to be very successful. This is a great location for great Mexican food.

This space includes enough area for seating, making it a proper restaurant for guests. Lease on the 77 sqm area is 2500 baht a square meter not including the Common Area Fees which are 360 baht per sqm. There is a 3 + 3 year lease available. Costs of the build out are not included - and will run around 6 million baht - but this prime space is only available for a new Sunrise Tacos franchise.
TOTAL RENT 192,000 baht a month plus Common Area Fees plus franchise costs (BKK15789)

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Popular bar in Samui's popular Chaweng Beach

This popular long-running bar on Koh Samui is located in the heart of Chaweng and has built up a good reputation over the years it has been open. Highly rated on Trip Advisor and with great word of mouth, this bar is one of the top nightlife destinations on Samui.

This fun bar can seat 40 and is open from 7:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. There are three full time dedicated employees with monthly wages of 37,300 baht per month. Rent on this top location is 560,000 baht a year or 46,666 baht per month and the lease expires in March 2019. This busy bar saw sales between 4.5 to 5.5 million baht in the last years with a net profit of 2.5 million baht.

The owner has owned the bar for more than ten years and is ready to retire and so is selling the business. This is a truly turn-key business. Walk in and take over a thriving bar in the heart of Chaweng.

ASKING PRICE: 2.5 million baht (BKK15724)

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Cafe near busy Phuket beach

This cafe is located in a popular Phuket beach and has been in business since 2014. In addition to the cafe there are two bedrooms and two staff rooms. There are three employees with a total monthly payroll of 50,000 baht. Lease on this great location is only 18,400 baht a month on a 9 year lease and it has a garden space as well.

The business saw sales reach 2.7 million with a net profit of 544,000 baht. The owner is selling due to family issues.

ASKING PRICE: 6.2 million baht (BKK15774)

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Entertainment business in Phuket ideal for tourists and business team building

This Phuket based entertainment attraction offers the popular escape type game for both tourists and team building with the many resorts and hotels in the area. The business was established in 2014 and has 400 sqm over 2 floors. Rent on this large space is 60,000 baht. The sale on the business includes the Thai company and the franchise.

Sales last year reached 1.5 million baht and profit of 150,000 baht. There are three staff with waves of 75,000 a month in total. The owner is keen to sell as he has not been able to be in place to manage and promote the business as it needs.

ASKING PRICE: 1.5 million baht (BKK15763)

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Water park on tourist destination island

This entertainment business is located on an island popular with tourists and provides both party venues but also fun for families with water slides. The business has been open since 2014 and has earned good reviews on Trip Advisor and in travel blogs. If living on a tropical island sounds like your dream, this is your dream business!

Sales last year reached 12 million baht with a profit of 6 million baht. The business is set on 4 rai of land with a rent of 50,000 baht a month and a lease that doesn't expire until 2029. There are 8 full time and 8 part time employees with a total monthly payroll of 165,000 baht.The owner is including the Thai company, and all fixtures and equipment valued at 10 million baht. The owner is moving back to his home country and so selling this popular business

ASKING PRICE: 35 million baht (BKK15770)

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Sunrise Tacos Franchise  

Interested in joining the most successful and popular Mexican restaurant franchise in Thailand? Sunrise Tacos is seeking qualified franchisees to join us in our commitment to quality and healthy, delicious food. Are you experienced in hospitality or business management but want to strike out on your own? Sunrise Tacos is seeking franchisees fully committed to the Sunrise Tacos way; with a hands on approach to running the business and experience in hospitality or business management. The leadership at Sunrise Tacos prides itself on maintaining a close and personal relationship with each of our franchisees and looks at franchising as a long-term business partnership. We are committed to our franchise partners and helping them grow.  

With the opening of the ASEAN Economic Community at the end of this year we at Sunrise Tacos see the potential for growth in the region. If you want to be a part of that potential let us know! We already have a branch in Phnom Penh and have added more around Thailand, including our new franchise in Chiang Mai, and are seeking committed, enthusiastic business minded people to join us. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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