Condominium Purchase

Purchasing a condo in Thailand is popular among foreigners because it is the only property they can register to their name. But the process of purchasing a condo is not so simple and easy. For this, you need expertise of experienced attorneys who will make sure that every legal requirement if followed.

What Services are Offered

Title Search 

  • A search is conducted on the title and related documents of the condominium.
  • We make sure that the title document is in order.
  • Ensure that the seller is the existing owner of the condominium.
  • Check the lack of mortgage on the property, and the lack of further encumbrances, if any, on the condominium.
  • Confirming the actions against the seller in both local courts and the Central Bankruptcy Court.
  • Authenticating whether there is any restriction on the development of the condominium.

Preparation and Reviewing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement 

  • Confirming the sales agreement.
  • Giving comments on terms of the sales agreement.
  • Discuss changes as required to protect your interest.

Registration of Transfer Ownership 

  • Making the application and supporting documents required for the registration of the transfer of ownership of the property.  
  • Registering at the Land Department on your behalf.

What makes us Special?

Are you wondering why Sunbelt is the best? The reason is that our legal counselors have been dealing with this for years. They are always ready and willing to guide and help you throughout the process. They assist you in dealing with problems regarding the property transactions.

Our English speaking lawyers have years of legal experience. We can assist you in buying a condominium in Thailand and recommend to you the best course of action for your stay in Thailand. This is why Sunbelt is the best.

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