Property Law

30-Year Lease Agreement

Since foreigners cannot own land it is possible to lease land for 30 years. Sunbelt Asia will make sure your lease protects you fully and is registered correctly.

Condominium Purchase

Foreigners can purchase a condominium in Thailand but it must fall under the foreign ownership quota and the money must be transferred into the country for the express purpose of purchasing a specific condo. Sunbelt Asia can make sure that all legal requirements are fulfilled so that you own your own condo outright.

Land purchase

While foreigners cannot own land outright, there are some instances that do allow for ownership, many foreigners create Thai Limited Companies to do this. However, starting a shell company for the purposes of purchasing land is illegal, Sunbelt Asia will walk you through these legal complexities.

Title Deed Search

Before buying property in Thailand it is very important to perform a Title Deed Search. This search will determine if the property has any liens, if the seller has ownership rights, and the type of property documentation


A usufruct is a right granted by an owner of land in favour of a usufructuary where the usufructuary has the right to possess, use and enjoy the benefits of the property. The usufructuary can also have the right of management of the property.

Contract Review

Our experienced attorneys can assist in reviewing and drafting of contracts efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of our clients and to make sure that the contract agreements align with the client’s goal and expectation.