Prenup Thailand | Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Prenup Thailand | Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

ApPrenuptial agreement is signed by the couple before they get married to protect the ownership of their assets in the unhappy event the marriage ends. Although marriage is an exciting phase of an individual’s life, there shouldn’t be any financial risks involved. Sunbelt Asia understands the protection and security of your assets and hence, assists in preparation of prenuptial agreement in Thailand.

We have the best legal team in the country; we offer professionalism, expertise, and vast knowledge of the subject matter. They will make sure your assets are fully protected before you get married so that you can avoid any huge financial losses.

There are certain legal complications associated with the preparation of prenuptial agreement in Thailand; Sunbelt Asia makes sure that the agreement adheres to Thai laws. For instance, your fiancée should use a different firm to review the agreement.

Sunbelt Asia can draft your agreement before the marriage or provide you with their expertise if you want to alter your prenuptial agreement after marriage. We will take care of all the legal obligations in this phase so that you can modify your prenuptial agreement and get your assets protected.

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