Work Permit Services in Bangkok, Thailand

Work Permit Services in Bangkok, Thailand

Are you thinking of working in Thailand? Looking for a law firm to help you get a work permit in ThailandSunbelt Asia Legal Advisors are here to help you.

Under the Immigration Laws in Thailand, no overseas person can land a job in Thailand without obtaining the work permit. There is a lot of legal hassles involved with getting the work permit in Thailand. In ideal cases, the employer is responsible for applying for a work permit on the behalf of a foreign employee; however, if that is not the case the employee will need to do the needful by themselves and it can prove to be a rather daunting task.

Take a look at the requirements and the services Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors provide you.

Requirements for Work Permit in Thailand

Our legal Advisors help you in the application process. We submit the documents on your behalf to the Labor Department. The processing of the application will take almost 10 days. In order to qualify for the work permit, you must meet one of the following:

  • At least 2,000,000 Baht in registered capital
  • VAT registration.
  • There must be 4 full-time Thai employees for every 1 foreign employee.

Employee Provided Documents

  • Passport and a copy of each page of passport signed by the employee.
  • Departure card TM.6
  • Education degree along with signed copy
  • CV must list the details of previous positions, duties, and place of employment.
  • 3 photos (3×4 cm) of the employee in business attire.
  • Marriage certificate, if married to a Thai national. With this, wife’s ID card, household registration and birth certificates of children.

Employer Provided Documents

  • Company Affidavate (updated at least 6 months)
  • Shareholders list certified by the Commercial Registration Department (updated at least 6 months)
  • Licenses ( if any applicable)
  • VAT certificate
  • Social security payment filing (3 months)
  • VAT filing (3 months)
  • Annual Audit
  • Map

What we can do for you

Sunbelt Asia is providing its valued customers a hassle-free and stress-free process to obtain the work permit in Thailand. Not only we assist in compliance and adherence to all the Thai formalities concerning work permit but also help in the completion of all the paperwork and documents.

There are different types of work permits as per the immigration Laws in Thailand. They are issued for a specific period of time; some of them are renewable under certain circumstances. The highly expert and professional legal team at Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors will give you an in-depth analysis of the work permit visa that will be the most feasible for you. Furthermore, we will also take care of all the legal formalities associated with obtaining the work permit from Thai Government. 

Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors has been operating successfully and satisfying huge numbers of customers every year since last 15 years. We have been termed as the top company in Thailand as business services network since 2001 and the growing number of satisfied customers are surely going to solidate our position.

So call us now at (+66) 02-662-7004 for a free consultation with our English speaking lawyers.

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