Thailand Notary Public

Do you want to get your documents legalised? Having trouble deciding which company to choose? We are here to help you. We provide notary services in Thailand. Notary Public is an official who is licensed by the State to carry out certain functions. These functions includes authentication of documents and witnessing affidavits or statements of persons.
Notarization of documents is an important act because it guarantees the authentication of documents. As there is no notaries public in Thailand. Some lawyers are provided the role as Notarial Services Attorney.

Who Requires Notarial Services?

In Thailand, notary service is required by institutions like banks, schools, private organizations, embassies and governments. Sometime an individual might need documents to be authenticated.

What we can do?

Sunbelt Asia offers legalization of documents at the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Thailand. The process and pricing for your documents largely depends on what type of document it is, what country you are legalizing for, and how many steps we must take to get your document authenticated in the appropriate manner. Prices may vary based on additional requirements and requests. Specifically, if your document requires out of state processing based on jurisdictional requirements, there will be an additional charge. We offer legalization services ranging from personal to all corporate documents.

Why is Sunbelt the Best

We offer the best notary service as we attempt to offer top-quality service to our clients. Some of the documents that are notarized are:

  • Bank statements
  • Passports
  • Contracts
  • Title deeds
  • Application for international visa
  • Power of attorney.

Our experienced team of professionals have undergone the professional training course for the Notarial Service. Our experts can perform several verification tasks and they are authorized to do following:

  • Certification of signatures in a document.
  • Witnessing the contracts and other documents.
  • Notarial certifications.

Therefore, we provide fast, smooth and well-organized service to meet your expectations. For us the client’s confidentiality is supreme and it is why Sunbelt is the best.

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