Intellectual Property

Protect Your Intellectual Property with Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors

Thailand is known for its scenic beauty and a holiday destination, but the rapid growth in the economy will soon make it an industrialized society. The rapid technological and economic growth and paved way for the investors to turn to this country and expand their businesses; hence the importance of protecting intangible assets i.e. marks, copyrights, and patents has also risen.

The best law firm in Bangkok, Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisor can assist you to get your intangible assets protected in the most hassle free and stress-free process. We understand that the name and marks of the products developed from your business will translate to goodwill and give you a good reputation for your brand. Hence, our most professional team of Lawyers in Bangkok guarantees you the maximum protection of your intellectual property.

The department of Intellectual Property that works under the Ministry of Commerce is the responsible authority in Thailand.

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