Limited Company

Limited Company

Limited Company

Registering a Thai limited company can be a daunting task as there are very specific requirements for foreign ownership of Thai companies and the management of those companies. However, with Sunbelt’s assistance, you can make sure that the company set up is 100% legal and compliant with all government regulations. Three shareholders are required and at least 51% of the shares must be owned by Thai nationals if the business does not fall under certain qualifications allowing for 100% foreign ownership; such as a company that only exports, or if the company is being set up by American nationals using the Amity Treaty, or under the aegis of the Board of Investment (BOI). Sunbelt Asia can help you determine which category your business falls under.

Setting up a company:

  • Reservation of the Company name
  • File a Memorandum of Association
  • Register the Company
  • Register VAT/Tax and prepare accounting statement
  • Operational Licensing and Social Security registration
  • Obtain work permits
  • Open a bank account
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