Non-B Extension Regulations

Many people prefer to apply for a one-year extension in Thailand instead of leaving the country every 90 days when they have a multiple entry non-B visa.

To apply for the one-year extension you must meet certain requirements. The process is fairly complicated and many documents are required. Sunbelt Asia has years of experience in navigating the minefield of non-B extensions and can assist you along every step of the way.

First, you need to have a valid non-B visa, and a valid Thai work permit.

The company must show that they pay a minimum salary based on your nationality.

  • European Countries, Australia, Canada, Japan, and U.S.A. Baht 50,000/month.
  • South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong Baht 45,000/month.
  • Asian Countries, South America, Countries in Eastern Europe, Countries in Central America, Mexico, Turkey, Russia and South Africa: Baht 35,000/month.
  • African Countries, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam Baht 25,000/month.

Four Thai Employees are required per each work permit and the company must pay into the social fund for those employees. Some companies have tried going the “ghost employee” route where they pay into the social fund on employees who are not actually working in the business. Sunbelt Asia does not recommend this route as it is illegal, and the Thai government is actively seeking out such businesses to stop this practice.

It is important to note that the following businesses are exempt from this requirement and require only 1 Thai national employee to 1 foreign employee:

  • International Trade business (Representative Office)
  • Regional Office
  • International companies (Branch office)

The company must have 1 million baht in net equity and registered capital of 2 million baht per each foreign employee.

The company also must be able to show revenue in the previous year to cover the salary of all the foreign employees. The company must submit year end profit and loss account inspected and certified by a certified accountant. The total revenue must show an amount higher than the total salary and benefits paid to the employee.


Required Documents:

  • Application form TM.7, photograph 4×6 cm., application fee is 1,900 baht. The application must be made in person but a representative from Sunbelt Asia will be there with you to ensure everything goes smoothly and to assist you should any translation be needed.
  • Copy of applicant’s passport (copy of ID page of passport, last arrival stamp, Re-entry Permit stamp, Departure card (TM.6) and last extension of visa if you have one).
  • Certificate of employment as per the Immigration Bureau (Sor.Tor.Mor.1).
  • A table showing the numbers of all foreigners employed by the company, also their salary on monthly and annually basis, and their total salary.
  • Copy of your work permit.
  • Company registration documents; certificate of incorporation of company or partnership certified by the Registrar with validity for 6 months (originals must be shown as well).
  • Copy of list of shareholders certified by the Registrar with validity for 6 months (original must be shown as well).
  • A copy of latest balance sheet and income statement, together with corporate income tax return (Por.Ngor.Dor.50) and receipt, a Copy of Sor.Bor.Chor.3. These must be certified by the Revenue Dept. or by The Department of Business Development (originals must be shown as well).
  • Copy of 3 latest monthly withholding tax returns (Por.Pro.1) showing the name of employees and the alien applicant, together with receipt (originals must be shown as well).
  • Copy of latest personal income tax return of the applicant (Por.Pro.91), together with receipts (or an explanatory letter and originals must be shown as well).
  • Copy of 3 latest monthly social security contributions return filed with the Social Security Office – Form Sor.Por.Sor. 1-10 (originals must be shown as well).
  • Copy of 3 latest monthly value add tax return (Por.Pro.30 or Por.Por.36) together with receipt.
  • Evidence that the company needs to employee a foreigner, for example, no Thai candidate has applied after advertising such a position.
  • Map of the location of the place of work.
  • Photographs showing the location of the business.
    • Exterior photographs showing the address and the sign of company name
    • Interior photographs showing the employee while working

If you are bringing your spouse or children, then you will also need proof of the family relationship; marriage certificate and birth certificate that are certified by your Embassy.

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