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Employee Recruitment

Our team is knowledge of the recruitment sector is second to none. Whatever the size of your business and your employment needs we encourage to you contact us to acquire the best talent.


When doing business in a foreign country you have to face several challenges; one of the biggest challenges is language but this is also the easiest challenge to overcome. Using a regular translator may result in mis-translations of legal terms. This can have serious consequences as it can be costly. It is imperative for you to carefully choose the translation services. It is important that the translator have extensive knowledge of legal and business terms. These terms are beyond the ability of most translation agencies. Sunbelt Asia has the translation expertise to make sure your Thai document is legal and that you fully understand Thai documents translated into English.


Do you need to get your documents legalized? Notarization of documents is an important act because it guarantees the authenticity of documents. In Thailand lawyers are provided the role as Notarial Services Attorney as there are no Notary Publics.