Patent Protection

Patent Protection

Do you want to apply for patent protection? Not sure which things are qualified for patent protection? We at Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors are here to help you. We have helped plenty of individuals obtain patent protection. We have been working the legal industry for 15 years. We have complete knowledge of the new and old practices of law.
Here is everything you need to know about Patent protection.

In Thailand, the patents are protected by the Patent Act. A patent is a document that is issued to a patent owner granting protection for their invention or design. Thailand has several bilateral agreements with plenty of countries. This agreement allows the foreigner to file patents in Thailand. Under the Patent Act in Thailand, it offers protection for products designs, inventions, and pharmaceuticals. The product design is protected for 10 years whereas inventions are protected for 20 years.

Qualifying for the Patent Protection

The inventions must meet certain requirements to be eligible for patent protection. They include:

  • Having an inventive step
  • Has the capability to be used for production activity
  • Must be new and have novelty
  • Design patents may be awarded a new design in any industry

Not Eligible for Patent Protection

Some of the things that are not suitable for patent protection are:

  • Computer programmes
  • Scientific or mathematical rules and theories
  • Methods of diagnosis and treatment of human and animal diseases
  • Inventions that are against the public order, health or welfare.
  • Setting up and operating business organizations.
  • If it is published worldwide
  • Invention registered in some other country before registering in Thailand.

Who Can Apply for Patent Protection

Following is the list who can apply for patent protection in Thailand:

  • Juristic person or individuals who are residents or nationals of Thailand
  • A World Trade Organization member country
  • Country which enables the Thai nationals to apply for patents

Is Thailand Member of Patent Cooperation Treaty

Thailand is not part of any international patent convention for the mutual protection of patents.  The patents that are filed within the jurisdiction of Thailand must be respected in Thailand. Thailand is a member of World Trade Organization. It is under the obligation of World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

Therefore, we at Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors can help you file for patent protection. We will help you in form filling, our expert might even fill the form on your behalf. So you can have a peace of mind. The process for applying is complex and requires the help of a professional. Our experts will help you in collecting all the documents needed for the application. All the documents must be in Thai Language and the form must be filled in the Thai language. We have expert advisors who are proficient in both the languages, English and Thai. Our consultants are always happy and ready to help you and guide you. If you need any help or guidance you can contact us on 02-642-0214.


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