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Sunbelt Asia Weekly Column 19 December 2019

Sunbelt Asia Weekly Column

19 December 2019

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China to remain biggest tourism market

China will continue to be the biggest tourism market over the next decade, with arrivals estimated to reach 23 million according to a report from Krungthai Compass Research Centre. The forecast, which is based on an average annual growth rate of 7 percent with a worst case scenario of 5.5 percent annual growth if tourists travel to other nearby markets. Of the 334 million predicted tourists traveling globally in 2030, 33 million will be millennial independent tourists. Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan rank in the top three destinations for Chinese tourists followed by Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Indonesia.

World’s largest cruise port operator eyes South East Asia

Global Ports Holding, the worlds biggest cruise-ports operator, is looking to expand in Southeast Asia, acquiring docks in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam to add more destinations for cruises based out of Singapore. Chinese tourists taking cruises has tripled over the last four years and is predicted to overtake the US as the world’s biggest cruise market by 2030.

Tax payments on new land and building tax due date postponed to August

The new land and building tax will come into effect early next year but those liable for tax payment will have a four-month postponement for local administrative organizations to evaluate asset prices before requesting tax payment. This is because surveying and evaluating lands and properties of local administrative organizations has not yet been completed. Taxes will now be due in August instead of April as some of the organic laws are completed.

Tailoring and clothes manufacturer

This is one of the oldest custom tailoring and licensed manufacturing business in Thailand. The owner has run this business for 30 years and has a large database of existing clientele as well as widespread word of mouth and a good reputation for quality clothing.

The business involves supplying suits and shirts, custom made or ready to wear to end users and business to business. With three unique sales channels and a team of dedicated staff, the business has grown steadily over the years. The business has 80,000 customers and a mailing list of 500,000.

A stable list of suppliers and sub-contractors ensure that the business runs smoothly and efficiently. With a good profit margin the business is able to grow and prosper and invest in future growth.

ASKING PRICE: 36 million baht

Nail and eyebrow salon

Located in the thriving area of Punnawithi this well appointed nail and brow salon has only been in business for a year but sees an average monthly income of 150,000 baht and annual profit of around 350,000 – 400,000 baht.

The owner is actually living overseas and has no time to manage the business. There are 3 full time and one part time employees with a total monthly payroll of 48,000 baht
?There are five chairs in the 48 sqm space, rent on the cute location is only 12,000 baht a month. Inventory valued at 320,000 baht is included in the sale.

ASKING PRICE: 1.1 million baht

Sports training center near MRT

This futsal training center is near a MRT station and many nearby schools Established in June 2018 the business has seen annual revenues reach 3.2 million baht.

There are five full time and one part time staff with a total monthly payroll of 60,000 baht. The lease contract is until 2030 and monthly rent is 120,000 baht.

The owner is forced to sell due to ill health.

ASKING PRICE: 6 million baht

Restaurant with room to grow

This restaurant is unique to the area, offering the owners a great opportunity to draw repeat business and offers a delivery service that caters for the up market golf course that sits nearby and the surrounding area. Ideally situated in a sought after location near the International Airport, many shopping malls, a number of world-class golf courses and a convention center, the business is sited in a four story townhouse made up of three units combined together. There are currently tenants on the second floor in office space but they will be relocating.

The kitchen if fully equipped with commercial equipment and offers both Thai and western cuisine. This is a great opportunity to walk in and take over a turnkey business in Bangkok. Established in 2009, the fully licensed business seats 56. There are eight full time and two part time employees. The owner is selling the business as he seeks to pursue other interests.

ASKING PRICE: 28 million baht

Approved jobs mobile app

This is a great little money-making opportunity that requires very little work on the part of the buyer as the app has already been developed and approved by both the Apple Store and Google Play. Although the app was developed in Phuket, this jobs app for iPhone and Android is a great opportunity for anyone in Thailand. The app allows companies to post jobs and then the job seekers will bid on the job. Commission is paid by the winning bidder but only once the job has been accepted by the job poster. This is also a great app for freelancers seeking new jobs.

The app is easy to use and monitored, additionally there is an automated punishment system to reduce safety concerns and for protection of those who do not fulfill their jobs as they should have.

ASKING PRICE: 1.6 million baht

Samui beach resort with room for expansion

This is a one of a kind opportunity, the chance to get in on a beachfront 4 Star hotel and spa, with fitness center, wellness and detox center. There are 42 rooms including villas with private pools on a total of 9 rai. There are three rai freehold and 6 rai leasehold with a new 12 and a half year lease.

This Mediterranean style beach resort has the option for expansion as an Environmental Impact Assessment has already been approved allowing for 103 rooms in total. This is a must see for anyone serious about the acquisition of a premium hotel and resort complex.

ASKING PRICE: 135 million baht

Samui restaurant in popular Fisherman’s Village

The owner of this restaurant in a top Samui location is offering it in a lease sale. He needs to focus his energies on his business in Bangkok and so is offering up this beautiful restaurant in a lease sale. Set in the hugely popular Fisherman’s Village in Bo Phut on Samui island, this restaurant has 350 sqm over two floors. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and has a great view. A dedicated owner with a great concept would do very well in this location.

Rent on this location is 200,00 baht, the sale includes the 10 million baht in key money for the long lease, the air conditioning units, the kitchen system and the decoration. Furniture and equipment not included.

ASKING PRICE: 15 million baht

Restaurant assets sale in Chiang Mai

This restaurant is an assets sale as the owner seeks a quick sale. Located in a shopping mall near many moo baans in Chiang Mai, the restaurant is popular with families in the area. The nicely decorated space is 200sqm with quality kitchen equipment. Currently there are 14 full time employees with monthly wages of 150,000 baht. The lease is 3 years and rent on the space is 50,000 baht a month. Sales last year were around 3-4 million baht and a profit of 150,000 baht. The owner is selling the assets and location at a good price.

ASKING PRICE: 1.7 million baht


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