UK Visa

Are you looking for UK visa? We are here to help you apply for a visa. As far as the UK visa is concerned, you have 2 options available. General visitor’s visa is for those who want to visit the UK as a tourist. On the other hand, settlement visa is for those you want to live in the UK by getting married.

The General UK visitor visa is available for a maximum of 6 months for purpose of general visit and tourism to the UK. However, the applicant must leave the UK on or before the expiry date of the visa. Decision making can be subjective so they should not give UKVI a reason to doubt the validity of their application.

The UK settlement spousal visa is absolutely essential for anyone who wishes to live in the UK by virtue of marriage to a British citizen or UK legal permanent resident. Permission to live and work in the UK on a permanent basis can be granted to the foreign spouse, as long as both the applicant and their UK sponsor meet the requirements established by the UK Border Agency, the official government body responsible for administering the immigration system in the UK.

What we can do

What we can do is we can help with the process of applying for a visa. Our experts have dealt with visa applications several times. They are highly experienced and have all the knowledge needed. They will help you in gathering all the documents you need for applying for a visa. There is no set list of documents that are required. It varies from person to person. Though all the applicants submit these following documents:

  • Visa fee
  • Valid passport and travel documents
  • Complete application form
  • Your passport sized coloured photographs
  • Supporting documents related to application

Why Sunbelt is the Best Choice

As the process is long and it better to seek from someone who has experience. All our immigration lawyers have extensive experience. When you take help from us, the chances of refusal is lowered as every document will be complete. The visitor visa takes up to 15 working days while the settlement visa can take between 2 to 3 months. Following are the reasons why Sunbelt is the best choice:

  • We are always available for consultation for visa filing and application.
  • Our staff will fill all the forms.
  • Our legal counsellor will accompany you to the British Embassy.
  • Ou staff will make sure you get your visa fast.