Executive Desk Bangkok | Business Center Thailand

Executive Desk Bangkok | Business Center Thailand

With the enforcement of the law that requires every organization operating its business in Bangkok, Thailand to maintain a physical office and address for obtaining a work permit, it has become a difficult situation for the foreigners or for those who are frequent travelers. Sunbelt Asia provides its valued customers the best solution in the form of Executive Desk.

We, at Sunbelt Asia, are providing an innovation solution of the executive desk for the business organization of every scale whether big or small, new or experienced entrepreneurs, starting a new business or opening of a new branch. This allows them to leave all the responsibilities of their business on our expert teams who are geared with professional knowledge and expertise to handle your business activities in the most effective way.

We are providing fully furnished executive desks that you can immediately occupy. The executive desks come with various features and facilities such as secretarial support, conference rooms, telephone screening, and reception area etc. for performing your routine business activities.

With the vast experience of 15 years, Sunbelt Asia is your ultimate resort to all your business needs. We ensure the smooth run of your business by taking care of all your day to day activities and legal formalities. The professional work environment provided by our experts makes sure that you get your work permit to operate a successful business in Bangkok, Thailand.

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