Office Space Bangkok, Thailand

Office Space Bangkok, Thailand

A number of foreigners have no need to maintain a physical office, as they travel to see clients or are involved in a business such as exporting. A virtual office with a business address and company name on the register was sufficient before to acquire a work permit. However, recently the Labor Department has disallowed a virtual office for a work permit. The Labor Department now wants to see a physical workspace in order to grant a work permit for a foreigner as well as the name of the company on the door. Hence, as a total solution provider, we have solved this dilemma for small startup companies who are looking to save the costs of a traditional office.

We are now introducing our new office space which is a total solution in the sense that it is fully fitted, furnished and ready for immediate occupancy. We as the Business Centre operator bear the responsibility for the day by day running of the office.

In addition to the basic maintenance we provide a range of valuable business services including reception and telephone answering services, secretarial support, conference and meeting facilities, and high speed Internet access.

Our office Space costs savings represent another key factor that makes our Business Centre at the Sukhumvit Suites an ideal choice. Once you consider our office space setting which includes the reception areas, meeting rooms and kitchen facilities, operating your business is easier than ever.

Why Sunbelt is the Best Option?

Wondering why Sunbelt is the best choice? The advantages of choosing us include flexible lease terms, quick and affordable access to fully furnished offices, well-appointed conference rooms, attractive reception areas and a professional support staff.

The day to day burden that is typically associated with running a traditional office is moved to us; our job is to maintain a professional work environment and provide a proper and polished office space for your work permit.

Our representative will go through the pricing with you. Along with this, we will arrange the viewing of the office for you. We provide free consultation on call, you can call our office and talk with our friendly representative. We are always willing to help you in finding the best office space for you.

Are you thinking what can we do for you? What services we can offer you? We provide you the right team and support. You will receive the best service from our highly-trained and experienced professionals. For your convenience, we will provide you with a committed receptionist to handle your calls. Along with this, the expert receptionist will be welcoming your guests.

Apart from this, you will be having access to the fastest and reliable business broadband in the market. You will have access to secure printers, fax machines, copiers, and video-conferencing as well.

Furthermore, you can have flexibility when it comes to a contract. You can have month by month contract or a year’s contract, this is up to you. Whether you stay for 1 month or a year, you can have access to private offices, boardrooms, and meeting rooms.

We will offer you an office address so you can get a work permit in Thailand. Apart from this, you will be provided with a valid corporate address for:

  • Company registration
  • VAT registration
  • Mailing notification services
  • Social fund registration
  • Tax ID registration.

An office space provides innovative solutions for small and large businesses, frequent travelers, branch offices, startup companies, and entrepreneurs. For anyone looking for a flexible lease, Sunbelt Asia provides the answer! You will have a dedicated workstation for your company. This is why Sunbelt is the best available option.

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