Change Company Address

Change Company Address

In the memorandum of association, there is a clause that has the company address in it. The Registered Office Clause in the memorandum of association has the name of the “State” in which the registered office of the company is located. The jurisdiction of the Registrar of Companies and the court are determined by this clause. In case a company wants to change its address, the relevant government authorities having the information, will need to be updated.
In the first step, the address will need to be changed at the Revenue Department. After that DBD and Social Fund authorities can be informed about this change. In the last step, the address in the business license, work permit, and other licenses will be updated. Address with the bank will also be changed in last or final step.
For this reason, relevant documents and the permission of the landlord will be required.

Applicable Costs

There are some costs involved in the process. These costs are:
For the change at DBD: Professional fee of 4,000 THB, excluding VAT would be applicable and an additional 800 THB as government fee.
For the change at VAT: Professional fee of 4,500 THB, excluding VAT would be applicable. There is no government fee.
For change in Work Permit: Professional fee of 5,900 THB, excluding VAT would be applicable and an additional 1,100 THB as government fee.

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