Sell your Business in Thailand

Sell your Business in Thailand

If you are interested in getting the word out about selling your business but maintaining confidentiality, you have made the right choice. We at Sunbelt Asia pride ourselves in understanding the art of confidentiality and that why Sunbelt is the world’s largest business broker. We market it with no name mentioned to protect your business and maintain confidentiality.

We accept all expenses and only collect a fee if we find a buyer who actually buys your business. We work on a success fee basis of 10% of the selling price which you accept which has our fee included. More important, we do it in a confidential matter. No one will know until after the sale, especially your employees.

We have a long list of people who are willing and ready to buy businesses in Thailand. Your listing not only goes on our website, but in our newsletter to over 16,500 buyers in Thailand. We also introduce it to the Sunbelt network of over 350,000 registered buyers.

Why Sunbelt is the Right Choice?

Are you wondering why Sunbelt is the best choice? The answer is that we are experts of the business network in Thailand. We have been in this industry for almost 15 years. You need experienced professional to guide you through the business selling process. Selling your business is a difficult decision and a personal procedure. The procedure becomes easier when you are prepared.

There are so many things you have to consider when comes to selling your business. These factors make selling a daunting and challenging task. We are to help you ease the tension and make the process stress-free as much as possible.

What we can do?

Our services start from sourcing the right buyer and completes when the proper legal documentation is finished.
We provide you advisory services as well regarding the following:

  • Lease transfers
  • Buying or renting property
  • Laws and requirements regarding licensing
  • Costs and requirements related to working permit and visa.
  • Set up costs of a company

Therefore, when thinking of selling your business enlist your business with Sunbelt. What we can do is help you relax as your business will be exposed in the right places.

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